Parts of a steakhouse knife…


What makes a great steakhouse knife?

Look.  Feel.  Cut.

Look…aesthetics play a big role in making a steakhouse knife better than the others…laser etched logos on the blade, hefty looking handles and overall knife proportionality/scale all go a long ways in our book.

Feel…when you pick up that steak knife, what is the first thought in your head? Besides, of course, “I can see my steak coming!”.  Does it feel heavy?  Does it feel solidly built or weak and about to snap?  How’s the handle-to-hand feel?  All important factors.  To us though, weight is the #1 feel factor…the heavier the better.

Cut…at the end of the day, a steak knife is designed to do one thing…cut meat.  There are essentially three main types of cutting edges: serrated, straight edge and hollow edge.  Serrated is like tearing meat…straight edge has a nice clean finish…hollow edge is similar to straight edge just with more modern technology utilized so as to prevent meat from sticking to the blade!  As we don’t like to tear our meat, a straight edge or hollow edge is our preference.  In Chicago, we tend to see more straight edge steak knives.