Ratings Comparison :: SOAP VS Chicago Tribune

We admire the hell out of the Chicago Tribune restaurant review team, which includes the infamous duo of Phil Vettel and Kevin Pang.  Phil Vettel is the most acclaimed restaurant reviewer in the Chicagoland area as well as the most mysterious…just try and find a picture of him…I bet you can’t!  Similarly, Kevin Pang is not only a restaurant aficionado, he just produced and directed a movie about Curtis Duffy and Duffy’s restaurant Grace…how awesome is that!

But we were curious…how do our reviews compare to the Tribune reviews and do we have any similarities when it comes to “what is your favorite Chicago steakhouse”?  To get to the answer was no small task…the Tribune ranks their restaurants from 0 to 4 stars.  4 stars equals outstanding; 3 stars, excellent; 2 stars, very good; 1 star, good; no stars, unsatisfactory. On the flip side, Steak On A Plate ranks the steakhouses we visit from 0 to 5 steer.  There is no scale on what each steer means though as we have a rocket-science level equation to come up with the steer value that takes into account the steak, the sides, the drinks and the ambiance.  In order to compare our review ratings, we first had to convert our steer ratings to Tribune style star ratings, on a 0 to 4 star scale.  Once that was done, the rest is just math & graphics…


As the results show, Steak On A Plate and the Tribune had very similar ratings for Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, RPM Steak and Swift & Sons.  However, Steak On A Plate liked Mastros, Boeufhaus, Bavette’s and Benny’s a little bit more than the Tribune did.  In fact, as you can see, Steak On A Plate liked EVERY steakhouse better than the Tribune did.  We can attribute that to the fact that the Tribune reviews are amazing in the level of detail and rigor that they go through to complete and publish elegantly written restaurant reviews…whereas Steak On A Plate just goes and eats steak and gets hammered!

Here are the links to the Tribune reviews for these particular Chicago steakhouses…
Mastros (Vettel)
Boeufhaus (Pang)
Bavette’s (Vettel)
Benny’s Chop House (Vettel)
Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse (Vettel)
RPM Steak (Vettel)
Swift & Sons (Vettel)