Ratings Comparison :: SOAP VS Crowdsourced Rating Sites

Crowdsource = obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet.  Now technically Steak On A Plate is crowdsourcing as we have a number of people (3), we are DEFINITELY unpaid and we use the internet (SOAP 1-800 number didn’t go so well).  But what sets us apart from crowdsourced rating websites such as Yelp, OpenTable and TripAdvisor is that not only are we 100% tailored for steakhouses, but you also won’t find our reviews skewed due to non-pertinent details that have nothing to do with the restaurant experience, such as: “the coat check gave me the wrong Canada Goose coat” or “my uber driver took so long to get there” or “their wifi network was password protected” or “why don’t steakhouses cater to vegetarians more”.

But we were curious…how do our reviews compare to these crowdsourcing rating review websites and do we have any similarities when it comes to “what is your favorite Chicago steakhouse”?  To get to the answer was surprisingly easy as Yelp, OpenTable and TripAdvisor all use a 0-5 rating scale to rank restaurants much like Steak On A Plate ranks the steakhouses we visit from 0 to 5 steer.  These three sites have no preset legend to what the rating value means, but we all know from experience that a 4 or above is a solid restaurant that will be crowded, a 3 rating means it beats cooking and there are probably lots of reservations available, a 2 rating probably has a drive-thru, a 1 rating just got a rather unfavorable health inspection report and a 0 rating actually closed in between your appetizer and your entree being served to you.   On the flip side, Steak On A Plate doesn’t have a simple explanation on what each steer means though as we have a rocket-science level equation to come up with the steer value that takes into account the steak, the sides, the drinks and the ambiance.  For the purposes of keeping things simple, we will compare solely on the overall ratings as we all use the same general rating scale of 0-5, so here we go…



OpenTable_vs_SOAP TripAdvisor_vs_SOAP

As the results show, Steak On A Plate and TripAdvisor have the most “similar ratings” except for two steakhouses, Erie Cafe and Maple & Ash, which reviewers rated higher on TripAdvisor…next comes Yelp with all but three “similar ratings”, those being Boeufhaus, Erie Cafe and Maple & Ash, again with Yelpers rating higher…last, but not that far off, comes OpenTable with all but four “similar ratings”, those being Boeufhaus, Erie Cafe, III Forks and Maple & Ash, again all higher ratings by the OpenTable world.  So why the variances for these restaurants?  Simple answer…3 reviews by SOAP versus 30,000 reviews from the crowd for a typical restaurant.  So who is right?  Nobody is right…reviews, including ours, just give a personal recommendation…it’s up to you to decide what to do with that information, and whether you should try a specific restaurant because someone gave it a 5.0 rating due to them having the best steak they’ve ever had or just because the mirrors in the bathroom made them look amazing…both might be 5.0 ratings but for very different reasons!