Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are only certain steakhouses in Chicago rated?

A: While the three of us have been to A LOT of the Chicago steakhouses, we only do ratings for the steakhouses that we’ve either a) visited together or b) visited independently, but within a short time frame of each other, like a month.  Hence why some of the big Chicago steakhouse players (Joe’s, Gibson’s, David Burke’s, etc.) are not reviewed and rated on this site…but they will be eventually…just give us, and our stomachs, some time!

Q: What credentials do you have to critique and review steakhouses?

A: We love steak and we know how to use the internet.

Q: Do steakhouses pay you, or give you free food, to write reviews or post on social media?

A: We wish!  Actually we don’t wish…this is truly a huge problem in the food/restaurant blogging world as you don’t know who is writing something for more than just their own pleasure or self interest.  To us, the only thing more satisfying than a great steak dinner is knowing we paid for that steak dinner with our own hard earned $$.  And because of that, we only give unbiased and real reviews and ratings.  Interestingly enough, steakhouse dinners are typically one of the more expensive dining experiences, so it’s not a coincidence that our “operating budget” for steak dinners is waaaay in the red…ultra rare you might say!  We would have been better off if we started a review website on the $1 menu at Wendy’s…but that was never even an option, because we just love steak too much!

Q: How come your site isn’t showing up on Google when I search for “Chicago steakhouse reviews”?

A: Obviously you didn’t look on page 54 of your search results!  In the eyes of Google, we are an 8 oz petite filet…but we have aspirations of becoming the 42 oz Tomahawk cut!  Nobody knows what Google’s secret equation for search results is…but it is known that if other sites contain links to our site, that it will move us up in the rankings.  So feel free to add a link to our site [] on your site, and help us grow…ounce by ounce!