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It was April 2011.  Adam, Josh, Andrew and  Eric decided to plan a guys night out filled with all (well…most) the necessities a man could want: alcohol, steak, and cigars. Everything about the night had to be classic, most importantly the restaurant, and that meant a classic steakhouse.  As we reviewed our options, it was pinpointed that the steakhouse needed to be a place that just serves a “steak on a plate”, and thus, the term “Steak On A Plate” (SOAP) was born. 

When you think of the words “steakhouse”, “Chicago” and “classic”, there is only one establishment that should come to mind: Gene & Georgetti. Established in 1941, G&G is Chicago’s oldest steakhouse.

The Inaugural Steak On a Plate experience that occurred on April 29th, 2011 at G&G was an absolute success. Wedge salads, wine and broiled bone-in rib eyes followed by cigars at one of our favorite cigar spots, Up Down Cigar in Old Town. We vowed to make SOAP a reoccurring event and expand the group to our close friends.