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It was April 2011.  Adam, Josh, Andrew and  Eric decided to plan a guys night out filled with all (well…most) the necessities a man could want: alcohol, steak, and cigars. Everything about the night had to be classic, most importantly the restaurant, and that meant a classic steakhouse.  As we reviewed our options, it was pinpointed that the steakhouse needed to be a place that just serves a “steak on a plate”, and thus, the term “Steak On A Plate” (SOAP) was born. 

When you think of the words “steakhouse”, “Chicago” and “classic”, there is only one establishment that should come to mind: Gene & Georgetti. Established in 1941, G&G is Chicago’s oldest steakhouse.

The Inaugural Steak On a Plate experience that occurred on April 29th, 2011 at G&G was an absolute success. Wedge salads, wine and broiled bone-in rib eyes followed by cigars at one of our favorite cigar spots, Up Down Cigar in Old Town. We vowed to make SOAP a reoccurring event and expand the group to our close friends. 

SOAP, or what it is today, became truly formalized from a completely random, but monumental, email from one of our co-founders following SOAP v5.0:


This email got our creative juices flowing, and while sitting in a bar during a Seinfeld Trivia night (much like where all great concepts are born…except Mutton On A Plate [MOAP]) we wrote down a business plan as well as some concepts on a bar napkin and set forth.  We may not have won trivia night, but we did leave with a clear direction of where SOAP was going. That business meeting was “expensed” and we were in the virtual RED before we even started.  There were setbacks…including one of the four SOAP founders moving to Texas, but the three remaining Chicago-based SOAP founders vowed to move forward, with founder #4 just an email/text away.  A couple of SOAP outings later and a $3 payment to GoDaddy and steakonaplate.com was alive.

So where will SOAP go from here?  

We will keep blogging about the steakhouses, the debaucherous nights, and the hangovers we have the following day.  We will expand the number of guys that join us, hopefully getting to the point where we fill the entire restaurant.  We will give back, so others can benefit from our epic nights out.  And of course, we will eat…wait for it…Steak On A Plate.

– Adam, Andrew and Josh